Edward P. Hurt

Edward P. Hurt

Coach Edward P. Hurt, a slim soft spoken man, who was often seen pacing, hands on hips, up and down the sidelines at Morgan State games was best known for his coaching prowess. As a former All-American end, he coached football, basketball and track and field at Morgan State for forty years, beginning in 1929.

In the early days, when the CIAA athletic conference stood for "Colored Intercollegiate Athletic Association," Coach Hurt reportedly said, "We had a heck of a problem getting started; there is no question about that. There have been 17 or 18 schools in the conference down through the years, we didn't have to worry about scheduling teams."

While a group of small black colleges played among themselves and received little national attention, Coach Hurt was developing a first class program.
According to Hurt, "It was hard to get recognition, especially in track and field, and we just never had a chance to compete against the better schools. When we first started trying to improve our program, nobody knew we were alive."

Coach Hurt's Morgan State Thinclads won 15 CIAA open and closed track and field championships and 16 individual national championships. In Penn Relay competitions, the tracksters earned several college class mile relay victories, one freshmen mile relay championship, one 400 meter hurdle championship and one Class A mile relay championship.

Under Hurt's coaching, Morgan's football teams won 14 CIAA championships and several national gridiron titles. Eleven of his squads executed undefeated seasons, including a non-losing string of games from 1932 to 1938. The 1943 squad completed its season without ever being scored against, amassing 166 points in five games.

Hurt also coached Morgan basketball from 1929 - 1947. his Cagers consistently placed among the top basketball teams in the CIAA. During his tenure, the Cagers won four CIAA titles including top honors in three successive years: 1931, 1932 and 1933.

Edward Hurt was asked about his successful coaching history. He responded, "If I've done anything at all, it's been because of other coaches, the men, the colleges, the administration, the alumni, friends, just everybody. I've only had one formula, and that's hard work."