The Academic Office for Athletics of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics under the direct supervision of the Academic Coordinator for Athletics has made a firm commitment to providing the best possible resources for enhancing the academic experiences of the student athletes.

This office provides a variety of academic assistance activities for student-athletes, including tutorial support, study hall, academic counseling progress reports from instructors, book bank for student-athletes and personal counseling.

It is important that each student-athlete utilize this department. The primary responsibility of the Academic Office is to provide you with information and informed advice about any academic matter. Academic advisement is especially helpful PRIOR TO AND NOT DURING REGISTRATION. After meeting with your faculty advisor, you are encouraged to meet with the academic coordinator to discuss your schedule in light of your current academic standing, the specific requirements of your chosen degree program and your upcoming competitive schedule.

The Academic Office for Athletics can also provide you with input on selecting a major, as well as dropping, adding, or withdrawing from a course. It is very important that you meet with the academic coordinator before making changes to your course of study or current schedule. REMEMBER, TO REMAIN ELIGIBLE FOR ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION, ALL ACADEMIC CHANGES MUST BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH BOTH THE RULES OF MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY AND THE NCAA.

Another responsibility of the Academic Office for Athletics is the monitoring of your academic performance. This monitoring is done via written and verbal inquiries to individual professors regarding your class attendance, grades and classroom attitude. Keeping in close contact with class instructors helps to provide the academic coordinator, coaches and you with an important assessment of your current academic situation.

In this handbook all available academic programs, guidelines and services have been outlined for your convenience. Please familiarize yourself with the information provided and feel free to ask questions if there is information that you do not understood.

Incoming freshmen and incoming transfers are required to participate in a comprehensive orientation and supervised study hall. Student-athletes who have been assigned to study hall are required to attend all study hall sessions. To be exempt from study hall, a student-athlete must obtain a 3.0 during the 1st semester of study hall. Failure to comply with study hall regulations will result in a negative evaluation for scholarship continuation and/or athletic participation.

Team study halls will be set up for some athletic teams. Those student-athletes not attending a team study hall will be required to attend a general study hall set up by the academic coordinator.

The general study hall is located in the Hill Field House, Lower Level. The hours are Sunday-Thursday 7:30 p.m.- 9 p.m. Times for team study hall sessions will be announced. The purpose of study hall is to set aside specific hours at a particular location during the week to enable student-athletes to meet with tutors or complete homework assignments on their own. In and out of season, study hall is mandatory for those assigned.

Evening tutoring is available to all student-athletes during the fall and spring semesters.

Student-athletes in need of tutoring services are asked to make requests at least 24 hours in advance to the Study Hall/Tutorial Coordinator.


Absentee forms will be generated by the Academic Office. Prior to competition, student-athletes will obtain an absentee form from his/her coach to present to their instructor. This form should be given to the instructor at least three days prior to your class absence. Student-athletes are excused from class for participation in an athletic related event. However, the student is responsible for completing any missed assignments. Student-athletes should provide each instructor with a schedule of their competitive events. However, students should also inform the instructor ahead of time when they will miss class.